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obsession and addiction

Thursday, January 12, 2006


yoga = good
waking up 3 mins. before yoga= not so good

I now get 250 txt messages a month, so have at it ya'll!!!!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

11:54PM - hmmm....some cool sh*t

okay ya'll. here's some more pictures!
weaving goodnessCollapse )

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12:22PM - oh my gawd, a real live update!!!

okay ladies and gentlemen. I am about to unveil some of the awesomeness that i've been working on.
shall i start with some good old fashioned crafting? on to the jewelry!Collapse )
happy yet? don't worry, there's more to come.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

11:57PM - updating soon!

jen was bitching about how i never update this.
but hey!
gifting is almost over, and my craftsmanship for the past few months will be revealed! oh the excitement!

i'm tired and classes start tomorrow, or i'd be all over updating now.


half a half of a present left to go, then i can finish knitting my sweater and get back to all of my unfinished projects that are for me...right, with all that free time i have!

oh well.
my first glass blowing class is tomorrow. excited!!!!

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Thursday, December 1, 2005



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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


i like how chrysalis is so amazed by my sock knitting that she has requested not a pair of socks, but one sock. just one sock.

i have two pieces of weaving in the show in Leads gallery but they don't have labels yet. they're my bag (the fuschia patterny one) and the black and white shawl that are pinned to the wall. FUN!

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Monday, November 21, 2005

12:00PM - the oh-my-great-armadillo-in-the-sky I never update post

so yeah. weaving? takes up a lot of my time. i have 4 scarf from the last two weeks that i need to wash and finish and photograph. and one on the table loom i brought home and another that is just warps right now that will be on the table loom as soon as i finish the one i'm working on.
but i know i've been knitting stuff... i just haven't finished much.
i made a hat for my daddy! but it's not finished yet, i still gotta do the ends and warsh it but it's beautious. and my two scarf style scarfs....well, they're not done. the ruffles isn't long enough and i had to make more yarn and the lacy shawl thing i got mad at and had to throw down for a long time and then rip it all out and start over. but i'm almost done with the border part of it, which is really the hard part of the pattern to follow.
i made a sock. it's a really cool sock. because hey, guess what? lace socks...whole heck of a lot faster than friggin ribbed socks!
speaking of ribbed socks...i finally finished the little bastardsCollapse )

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

12:37AM - knitteration. and whoa! weaving!

i've been teaching tay to knit and i've been learning how to weave. see?Collapse )

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12:28AM - evil plushy and crafting

look at this plushy. it looks so innocent and soft and cuddly and cute.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

until it turns into the weird "i just skinned a blue dalmation" scarf
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
but my mom stole it, along with a peter pan wendy velvet touch/peruvian wool hat i made to go with the scarf. someday she'll get a picture of it. hopefully before she looses it.

jewelry i've been makingCollapse )

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

9:25PM - works in progress

i hate fiddily shit. i don't know why i decided to make socks. this is one of those product knitting things that i don't usually do. so yeah. you win some, you lose someCollapse )

Current mood: cranky
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Monday, February 21, 2005


for the sake of picture loading, 2 entries. i know, so sue me, okay? not really. but you get the idea. more FO's and something hilariousCollapse )

i made some other stuff.. i lost a scarf that i made. and i'm working on socks now, and a cotton lace wrap. and i got in beaver slide (e-hem, that's a yarn company thank you very much!) and i'm going to make pink legwarmers. yup.

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12:04AM - wow. knitting. i miss updating about you.

oh lord. don't think i haven't been knitting. b/c i HAVE. oh lord have i. proof? from christmas and january:
wow wow wow!Collapse )

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Saturday, January 1, 2005


happy new year. hip hip hooray. note the sarcasm.

i went to bed at 9 last night. i was suppossed to go to church and play balderdash but i felt dead, like the tired that makes you cry when someone tries to get you to go do something. but i did get half of mollye's scarf done. only to decide that i don't think it's quite the right color for her. but i'm going to finish it anyways and then make another one and let her choose which one she wants.

i have a confession to make. yesterday, i bought a pompom maker. *ducks* okay okay, i know it's silly and that it's easy to make them with cardboard, but it's soo annoying when i need one and then i have to find cardboard and try and cut it out correctly and blah blah blah. no more of that.

yesterday while at joann's i saw this beautiful teal lionbrand chenille. i almost bought it, but then i remembered 1. i only buy lionbrand for myself in dire monetary circumstances and 2. i do not like chenille.

okay, my weird hangups about materials are about as ridiculous as my extreme hatred of garter stitch. BUT. I do have reasons.
Chenille: is horrible and messy to work with b/c it sheds little dinks all over you and then it will get rubbed off of the final project and create weird bald spots and i am totally and completely convinced that chenille sweaters (or fake ones from walmarts) do not look good on anybody. a few people can pull them off, but in no way would they create an extremely beautiful and flattering image on anybody.
PolarFleece: i think it goes back to my akward highschool days when i wore it all the time. b/c i did not yet know how to dress myself and my mother would always buy me polarfleece sweaters, and they were fine 'cause they were bulky and helped to hide the fact that my bras were not all right and that i had two bumps between my boobs were my underwires stuck out (a completely different story though). BUT polar fleece is horrible b/c it makes you too hot and then you sweat and instead of soaking up the sweat the way wool would, polar fleece lets it out so then you would raise your arm off of your desk and there'd be a pool of sweat. most disgusting. which is part of why i chose to cut up that piece of it and knit with it. so there.

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Friday, December 31, 2004


Dear kitchener stitch,
right now i really hate you. even though you did a good job in the end, the middle process of baddness with the kool wool while i happen to be very tired has made me hate you. sincerely yours, chim

just for the record, I make the best spagetti sauce ever! no recipe, just random toss ins. it's all spicy goodness. mmmm.

and i am tired. i am at the level of tired beyond being tired. the level where after standing in line at jo ann's to buy cheap yarn i downed a bag of m & m's in about 30 seconds after reaching my car. the level where if i go much further i will have to be flushed down the toilet just like my two dead fish had to be flushed yesterday (it's fine, i don't know what happened, one of my fishies is still alive and the fish i'm fish-sitting is wonderful).

i thought i would be fine. i read as other knitters stressed over the holidays. I'll be a-okay i told myself, thinking that as we won't be doing presents until we get back that i'd have plenty of time. time to work on my sweater (front finished, one sleeve started!). but no. now i'm stressed. I have so much to do!

i have to finish a braided cable headband for caroline, and make her some mittens, and finish micha's arm warmers, start amy's presents as the yarn came in the mail last night, make a cowl scarf for mollye, purse for holly, finish the god forsaken hat for xiao, and i told my dad i might make my grandma a scarf (which i don't think i'll have time for now), and all i really really really want to have done is my sweater and i want it to look bootiful on me so that i can wear it to my grandmother's birthday party next week.

and have i mentioned:
FUCK YOU Boye interchangeables! my beloved circular interchangeable BROKE. and i needed it. and i said, fine, i'll get a denise set, but i don't have time to wait for the mail so i had to go the instant gratification route and go to the LYS and buy some new circs 'cause they had no denises. oh lord.

i think the caffeine just kicked in.

fisherman's wool better fucking felt damn it.

last night my mother saw my recently arrived box of yarn and said, "oh god, now we'll never get anything done."
that's right bee-atch, I en't yo' slave! (my mother is under the delusion that when i come home for the holidays i need to earn my keep, what she doesn't realize is that i've been earning my keep for her my entire life and it's re-dick-ulous.

so i'm about to be off to manabee's for some good times and i'm taking lots of knitting, and the camera, and her x-mas present which is about the only thing i have finished for my friends.

Current mood: stressed
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Tuesday, December 28, 2004


i've recently gone through two adventurous projects.

the first one was last week...
adventures in dyeing yarnCollapse )

nervous teddy bearsCollapse )

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whew. christmas is over! sort of kind of maybe. except that in college world, we don't do christmas until we get back so that we have enough time to get each other's gifts together. but christmas at home is over. so voila!
christmas joyCollapse )

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

4:04PM - real life? ha!

things i was suppossed to do today:
clean my dad's refrigerator at the office
work on frames for mom
work through chore list.

things i did get done:
dyed some wool
worked on a hat for xiao
listened to books on tape

last night i blocked jill's scarf. it is magic! and it came out superbootiful and i think she better love it a lot. see?Collapse )

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Saturday, December 18, 2004


okay, okay, okay!
I'm sorry for neglecting the knittingness! moving back into home for x-mas break, fulfilling parentals' need for quality time, it's crazy. BUT i have gotten knitting done! hooray for knitting! i lurve knitting!
so, admidst the paperwriting/studying ass-off blahness of finals i knit amy a hat. it's just like the beret i made her but in different colors (purple, teal, and white), and then she gave me 15$ for it 'cause she's gonna give it to her aunt as an x-mas present! (that means, my first frigging commission! whoot!)
oh, i went to the pubic liberry here and checked out lots of books about knitting (not a new habit, i know, but an exciting one!), including the encyclopedia of stitches, or whatever it's called. 1st and 2nd ones, so i have lots and lots of new stitches to reference. and then i fought with the stitches and the aurora 8 to figure out what to do for Jill's scarf. and finally decided on a traveling vine pattern. it's purty.
and then last night i started on arm warmers for micha, which immediately drove me crazy as the pattern involves yo's, and I'm doing it on dpns, and i keep loosing my yo's and have to knit backwards to find them and keep on the pattern. but they're gonna be so friggin' awesome when they are done!
and the fingers on one of mumsie's gloves....they need to get done. and i've lost my 10 1/2's that i need to make swatches for my sweater.
and when i sleep i have trouble falling asleep b/c i'm whizzing other knitting projects around in my head.

and that is that. trip to LYS today! hopefully...if i'm not to tired after cleaning the church (for mas dinero! $$$$!)

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Monday, December 13, 2004


i have not knitted at all today. it's true. but i did finish something very nice last night. but you can't see pictures until i give it to the person who's gonna get it!
anyways, to make up for not having knit at all today, here's some pictures.

needle obsession and FOCollapse )

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Monday, December 6, 2004


i love knitting along with books on tape. it feels less blah than watching a movie, and i get really into books on tape. I'm listening to "can you keep a secret" right now, I only have two more discs, and it's so good. I'm addicted.

i'm almost halfway done with scarf for jenny. it will be so good. and then midge will help me block it. because it is wonderful merino wool.

there was much jizzing to be had as the new knitty came out last night. there's a womb doll! and some really cute sweaters. *drools* me quiero mucho.

i know someone wants to buy me yarnyarn yarnYARN! (sorry, got a little too excited there) for x-mas. oh wait, i'm getting a christmas credit card thing for yarn. hooray! maybe there will be an intensely good amount of money on it and i will be able to buy lots and lots and lots and lots and ....panting. lust. yarnlust.

excuse me. i've had little sleep.

i want to do an intarsia something or other. 'cause i want to. so there.

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